“Manufacturing that Enriches Life”

Our company produces regenerated yarn( cotton polyester / cotton acrylic) and fiber and supplies to all over the world as socks yarn , knitting yarn and weaving yarn

“Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing”

About 10,800 liters of water is required to be able to cultivate 1 kg of cotton. In regenerated threat production, however, there is no need for water.

Regenerated Yarn

The excess parts of the fabrics, called scraps, are collected from the garment manufacturers, and after color and quality controls, they are grouped by sorting and the pieces are shredded in the recycling department of our company, then they are turned into fibers by passing through the recycling machine.

Because the lengths of these recycled fibers are shortened, regenerated yarn is produced by blending it with another fiber, called conveyor, according to the customer's request and usage area, by passing through the open-end machine park at certain settings with the necessary care and precision.

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